Random Wedding Research

Technically, I have started with my wedding random research on and off for many months. Like many bride to be (BTB), I didn't know where to start so I just typed Malay Weddings Singapore and see what comes up. =P

Now, I pretty much have a huge list of vendors to go through mostly thanks to KahwinKronicles and I am in the process of shortlisting them. It was also the time I realized how old-fashioned traditional I am when I learnt that specially made desert tables and photobooths (which are the in thing at the moment) are not my cup of tea. In a way, it's good because it means cutting of costs and 2 less vendors to worry about.

What I also learnt that BTB can be very particular to the T. To a point their 'kompang' group is important too. I just thought a random and affordable 'kompang' group will do but to some, it matters. hur hur. To each his her own yeah?

So basically my process of short listing vendors is by specific preference, price and overall assessment. Systematic or not? But very tedious especially going through Bridal & Deco because there are MANY. Catering is another story since taste is also a factor so that 'letak tepi dulu eh?'

Stalking BTB's conversation at Cozy Cot forum was very useful too. You can tell which vendors are popular and which vendors that has complaints. =X Some BTB were even super helpful and transparent in sharing quotations. It helped me a lot because I can take note which vendors I should stay away from due to bad reviews or to prevent over budgeting.

Amidst of the research, I came across this, the ever infamous qoutes from Amy Cheong from many years back.

It reminded of the 'tak ade kerja' origami I did last year with my $50. hahaha Oh Amy, your ignorance was amusing but if only $50 was truly what it takes to have a Malay wedding. You missed the amount a minimum of  $31,950 and that excludes wedding ring & gifts.

Anyways, I am going to end this post with a small rant.

Why most bridals do their eye shadow makeup 'bertepek' and with overly done fake lashes?? I know most ladies likes to be transformed 'macam' transformer but it's not my preference. Royalty for the day but you don't see real royalties wearing that kind of dramatic make up right? I managed to find a couple that provide what I want but hopefully I can find more for back up.

Abrupt end with photo.


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