Gaming Vs Vanity

Whenever Jhon wants to go to a gaming shop, I will always dread it. There were times I tell him that I don’t want to enter the shop and wait outside. It is not because I am not interested in video games, it was because the fact that I am crazy about them.

I am a fanatic gamer.

I don’t play hardcore games like World of Warcraft or Diablo but more light hearted action games like Dynasty Warriors etc.

The hardcore part is not the game but more to my self control. When I like a game, I will play it for hours. Many years back, I can play from 9am to 5am the next day, taking breaks just to eat and go to the toilet.

Not only that, I will play every character until it is at its maximum level and play the entire game countless of times again. I will dream and hear sounds of the game when I am not playing and when I talk to my school mates, I talk about the characters of the game.

I was young with high tolerance of body resistance and obviously don’t have much of a social life.

But those years has stopped since I grew older. Why?


One thing, my body cannot keep up with the late nights because I am getting dark eye rings and eye bags. I hate it and as I got older, I was more self conscious about my looks. I had to control myself or stop.

The thing is, I can’t control myself. It was like an addiction so I had to refrain myself or play games that don’t require high commitment and vanity wins.

Until I bought this for my Wii a few weeks ago:

Guitar Hero BAND SET
 Inclusive of Game, drum set, guitar and microphone. *bouncing off the walls*

It was just because I was accompanying Jhon researching for price of a driving controller for his Grand Turismo and have been going in and out of shops so I kind of got my eyes on it.

Yes, the fanatical playing has begun. I had played until my arms and upper tights hurt from constant playing of the drums, I even played the pedals when I sprained both of my ankles, I had started dreaming the wonderful red, yellow, blue, green, orange circles going down the screen.

The only reasons that I managed to “control” myself it was because I have boyfriend who is very hands on so we are always out for dates, the gaming TV is off limits when there is a must-watch soccer match and the fact that I have work the next weekday.

At this point it’s more of a tie.

No doubt I when I get to play, I play like a maniac but at least on other days, I still get my beauty sleep. I hope this lasts because once in a while, I still struggle controlling my gamer side.


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