Why I Dislike Hugging Women

I love hugs but since I am socially awkward, I always find myself making hugs even more awkward for me.

Reasons to not hug guys in general is easy. I can just say I draw a line on how and who I hug. Now, girls in general love hugging each other but I always find it awkward!

Why I find it awkward? It's the boobs!
[Drew on paint. Nice or not? lol]

Hugging with other women always bothers me, even if it's my mom or sis. I always think, how to we deal with the boobs when we hug?

Should we do the Jigsaw Puzzle? Linking boobs while hugging to feel a more fitted hug? What if the other lady does not realize you are attempting it? Would it mean more maneuvering to fit? What if one has smaller boobs? 

Or do we have our boobs squish together which most ladies do I suppose. But it's just awkward having my boobs squishing to another pair of boobs! What if the lady has thick padding? I've experienced this before and it was uncomfortable for me. Although kudos for her being confident with her thick padding lol.

That is why, most of my life, I hug like this


It has never fails me but some had told me that my hugs always looked stiff.
I can't blame them since all I could think of what do to and how to position my boobs. =P 


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