Wedding DIY: Bunga Rampai

Bunga rampai, translated as assortment of flowers are usually passed around after the solemnization of the bride and groom to close relatives. Bunga rampai is not exclusive to weddings only but also circumcision ceremonies, engagement etc. It is not mass distributed like wedding favours with just an average of 30 pieces per side.


It is basically made of several types of flowers and pandan leaves which are thinly sliced and mixed with perfume such as jasmine, rosewater or whichever is preferred. It does not have a great meaning behind but just to fill the ceremony with flowery fragrance.


Making them is fun but not really to a small percentage. Some families like to go modern and have actual potpourri and perfume because it requires less work. The thing is, the fragrance hardly last long.

There are many ways to present it. In a box, in a simple netting with a bow, cute little mini baskets or in an acrylic container. Usually, there is not much thought needed for how the bunga rampai is presented. But me, I wanted to put a little more effort than just a box or netting. The smell seems to bring me youthful memories revolving weddings. I have 2 choices in mind; to go traditional or unique & modern.

My first choice is bunga rampai presented in handkerchiefs folded into a basket or tanjak (traditional hat). Does that not brings in memories? This question is obvious for orang yang tua aje. =P


Handkerchiefs comes in quite cheap. I love it this way because it's nostalgic and fragrance sticks to the hanky. It's an easy, cheap and fun for those who like DIY.

As for the modern version, I want crocheted mini bags! How cute is this? It's cute, presentable and unique.

My mom and my FMIL are crochet queens but my mom is retired and has not been crocheting for YEARS. We considered having Jhon's mom to crochet some for us. Remember she did this for me when I visited Philippines in 1 day?

In the end, I decided to self-learn how to crochet. I've always been interested in crocheting but never had enough motivation to until now. My only knowledge in crocheting was doing chains; endless of chains. haha I then attempted to crochet a cactus.

I did many trial practice runs of cacti before I had the confidence to do butterflies, flowers and eventually various types of baskets. As usual, the world wide web and especially YouTube has always been my solid source of information and TA DA! My DIY bunga rampai for his and hers. We are exchanging 20 mini crocheted baskets each since our ceremony is small compared to the usual 30.

We are exchanging gold and silver trays so I had the baskets' color to match.
You can't tell in the photo but there's also a bit of glittery tinsel within the threads. The gold looks yellowish on photos though but it's a light shade of gold.

I bought my thread and crochet needles at Golden Dragon Store at Chinatown. They have a large range of needlework related stuff and much, much more. Their prices are pretty okay too.

As cute as the baskets looked, they looked bald and in need of an accessory. I did considered crocheting flowers, origami roses from pandan leaves, just sticking plastic flowers or ribbons on the side. It was until we had our visit at Pasar Larkin at Johor to buy our bunga pahar we saw these.

Actually, it took us a while to choose the right design and color.
One: I didn't bring the crochet basket so we can't gauge properly what size accessory would match
Two: Spoiled by choice in terms of design
Three: Standard debate between Jhon and I in what's the best choice.

With a glue gun in hand, we stuck these babies on my baskets. it's amazing how an accessory can make a difference. They look more complete now. All we need to get is organza or tulle to act as a see through barrier to avoid the thinly sliced pandan leaves slip through the holes. I am going to leave the top open because I find the greenery of pandan leaves and flowers pretty.

For an amateur, I am proud of my attempt.
Bunga rampai baskets DONE! All we need to do is fill them up the night before the big day.


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