Things people say to us regarding our inter-racial/ religion relationship.

For new readers, I am a Malay Muslim and Jhon was a Filipino Catholic (no longer practiced way before he met me). We have been together for 8 years and counting. InsyaAllah, getting married next year.  He will be converting within this month, InsyaAllah. Since the beginning of our courting days, there have always been naysayers and opinion throwers on our relationship.


Yes, I ranted 'sampai terkeluar' ring. haha

Anyways, that’s about what we have been asked, told and heard and imagine that on repeat by sometimes the same people but different structure sentences.

By the end of the day, we had thoroughly discussed about our religions and cultures and which areas could be compromised and which areas are non-negotiable. We had attended religious classes and even marriage preparation courses to know right from the horse’s mouth on what is right, wrong and in between. 

True, I am no Uztazah or hardly considered as an average practicing Muslim but that’s one of the beauty of this relationship. We have a strong ‘niat’ and we can learn together. We understand each other’s struggles and we pick each other up. 

It’s okay if most people do not understand and whatever we do never seem to be good or sincere enough in the eyes of these humans. I also know some of these people have good intentions but always bad executions and well, others are always said in ignorance.
All that matters is Allah’s blessings and only He knows our trials and tribulations because it’s all from him.

Who cares what they have to say? As for the naysayers, it's always fun to prove them wrong.


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