Vampire Baby

Nom nom nom

Syihab biting on Irfan.

Syihab, who is my bro's 2nd son is super duper adorable can? I don't know if I think that way because I am his aunt but I really find him textbook cute! Plus, he smiles and laughs at anything and everything which makes everyone especially strangers love him more.

So currently his favorite thing to do besides grabbing everything thing in sight is "attack" and bite his elder brother, Shibly.

The other day my mom and sis allowed him to play with Irfan, my sis's son and naturally, he tried to bite with his gummy gums.

Suprisingly, Irfan didn't cry at all. Syihab was really "geram" so my mom placed Irfan on top of him. Eventually Syihab admitted defeat and cried. haha

So cuuuuuuuuteee!! *high pitched voice*


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