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Honest to God, never once in my entire life had I celebrated Valentine's Day. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. I am not anti-Valentine's Day, it's just that my trust issues has lead me to believe the lack of sincerity of the expression of love on the specific day.

I enjoy random acts of love (corny or not) at any random time or day. I love those "There's no reason but I was just thinking of you and wanted to give or treat you this". It can be the simplest thing like taking me out to eat a particular dish because I talked about it before or got me replacement earphones because one side was broken. This goes both ways by the way.

Buying gifts or treating me special on a specific day like Valentine's Day wouldn't make me feel special at all because I know majority of the couples are getting it too; just because of a date on a calendar. But if that's your thing, do your thing, boo.

On that note,

I would willingly accept even on Valentine's days because they are FLOWERS!

So when Floral Garage wanted to sponsor me again for their pretty flowers, how can I say no?

As much as I love all types of pretty flowers, I do have a soft spot for the classic red roses. I would be happy just to receive a stalk of it. There's something about it that makes me smile. But a'las, classic red bouquet roses can be boring sometimes and I told Jia Hui the PR that I would be impressed if they can made it different.

Different it was.

Firstly, I love the size of the bouquet. It was not too big and over the top but not so small either. It was just nice as fits perfectly in my hands. The flower arrangements were simple with every flower properly displayed. I just simply love the two-toned carnations and with the roses, the baby breaths, eurylliums and eucalyptus leaves brings everything together with unison and uniqueness. Wrapped in a brown paper and ribbon, it also adds a rustic feel to the bouquet.

You can request for this specific bouquet by informing the Floral Garage theme but the bouquet was actually under Freestyle bouquet. You can fill up the form online on your general preference and they will whip one just for you. If you wish to go big and want a bigger one, there is also a Premium Freestyle bouquet. Freestyle bouquet is one of the best because no flower bouquets will be the same.

Don't mind me as I 'feeling-feeling' with my flowers. haha

It's the first time I received paper wrapped flowers so I was a little 'sua ku' even though I've seen it many times before. Note that the water inside might leak a little because paper mah so make sure you hold the bouquet properly. Even if it leaks, it won't ruin the paper too much and eventually, the water will dissolve.

There are 3 types of delivery. A self-pick up for free at their shop at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, a charged standard delivery at specific time slots or specific timed delivery at an extra charge. What I like is they always call or SMS beforehand delivering just to ensure the delivery will go smoothly.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you do celebrate, make a quick trip their website and order now! If you like to gift your partner something simpler and smaller (you know, for the newly blossoming relationships or for your crush), you can check out Fluffy Three.

It's 3 well bloomed pink roses with purple fillers with a fluffy Harrod’s brown bear. It's very cute!

I also have another great news!

Floral Garage has given me a promotion code: zuraxfg15 for ALL my readers, entitling all of you a 15% discount off their online shop and it's a lifetime discount.

Not applicable for seasonal occasions like Vday or Mother's Day etc. Just make sure you click on their main page https://floralgaragesg.com not on their seasonal (Vday) page to able to use the promotion code.

This means, get discounted prices all year round at any time. WOHOO!

Thank you to Floral Garage for the beautiful flowers it definitely made my day.


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