Monsters of the Sea

A while back, Jhon and I had a visit to the Singapore Science Centre to satisfy my childhood long intrigue with creatures of the deep. The previous we went was The Deep at Singapore ArtScience Museum.

The exhibit is called Monsters of the Deep where it showcases giant creatures that roamed in the deep ocean, from prehistoric creatures like the Pliosaur to gentle giants that exists today such as the whale shark. The exhibition spans over 2,000 sqm and hold the largest animatronics collection of life-sized marine reptiles, mammals and fishes.

We didn't take much photos because it was rather dark than usual because deep ocean mah. There were complains that the exhibit was small but maybe they were referring to the amount of displays. But if you take account the actual size of the displays, of course it would take more space therefore, lesser displays.

It didn't bother me much because I get to visualize in real life how small I am compared to these animals.

Prettiest part of the exhibit. Bioluminescence jellyfish.

[click to enlarge]

The exhibit did made up with what seemed lacking with a free screening of Jurassic World at specific allocated time. It would be my 2nd time watching and I still enjoyed it as much as the first time. Technically, the exhibition takes 1- 1.5hours but with the movie, we spent more than 3 hours there. haha

And yes! the infamous Mosasaurus was here too!

I did vlog a little there and to be honest, not my proudest work because I kinda did half-assed here. But here it is if you are curious on how the exhibition looks like.


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