Secret to a Long Lasting Relationship

I was 9gagging as usual and I came across to this.

There is something about old couple being together that will melt our heart.

So I jokingly say this to Jhon:

"Jhon! We have to get married NOW so that WE can be married for 70 years and people will go "Awwww" and ask us for advice for a long lasting relationship"

At this point, you would expect the age old answers like "Compromise, Trust, Appreciation" etc

But do you know what is my lovely Jhon's advice for a long lasting relationship?

"Don't Die"

Yes, a romance killer but if you really think about it, it's true.
You can try your best making a relationship work but there is no point if the partner dies and it would not deem as LONG lasting right?

Jhon, oh, Jhon, you always caught me off guard with your thoughts.

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