Shopping at Johor Sentral

Yes! Me, the person who is not a big fan of shopping crosses the border to just to find...... SHOES!

Believe it or not, I always find it easier to find shoes that I like at City Square at Johor than other malls in Singapore. True enough, as soon as I enter the first shoe shop, I bought one. It was the only shoe I bought though. haha But I did bought other stuff. Will show pictures later.

So Fizah, Jhon and I went met up about 9am at Kranji and headed to JB Sentral.

We had breakfast at McDonald's and started going in and about the mall.

We stopped for a while for an ice-cream break and eventually ended up at J.Co for coffee and donuts.

We went home at about 5+pm and Jhon and I had a looong ride home.

So this is what I've bought.

A box of mini donuts requested by mom.

A beautiful dusty pink shawl.

A camera bag for our newly upgraded DSLR.

3 sets of baby clothes.

Hair spray only because it's cheaper there.

A small wallet for on days I got lazy to bring any bag.

A pair of shoes that I realized that matches my new shawl. hehe

And lastly, snacks! hehe

One thing that I still regret is buying a Vans sling bag. I was hesitating because of it's price but now, thinking about it. It was what I wanted to match my ruggered outfits and I want it bad. =( Now I am not sure when can I go Johor again and maybe by the time I get there, it's sold out. =(


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