Goodbye Love, Hello L.A. Noire

It's Chinese New Year again and it only means Jhon will be going back to his homeland, Philippines to take advantage of the long holiday.

He will be gone for 10 days and I am for sure going to miss him because we are somewhat inseparable.
But like they (whoever 'they' are) say, "Distance keeps the heart grew fonder" which is always the case every time he comes back. =)

Meanwhile, I have already had plans to keep myself occupied.

After more than 5 years apart from playing games (real games unlike FB games, handphone games), I have revived my gaming hobby.

After resisting much temptation, I have finally got my hands on L.A. Noire for PC. You see, when I start to play games like this, I would be oblivious to the real world. I will forget to pee, eat and naturally, get very little sleep. Shamefully, dark eye rings and eye bags are the main reason why I stopped. Vanity. pfft.

Anyways, I came across L.A. Noire game play by Tobuscus (that noisy talkative man lol) in Youtube and I.Just.Got.To.Play.It! It is everything I like in a game.

It is a crime investigation game that is quite hands on except for the police paperwork. hah! And the graphics are AMAZING and realistic. For all techies out there, here is a Tech Trailer of the game.

I have already started and so far I have managed to schedule and have self control with my game play.

I strongly recommend this game to all game lovers.

Oh yeah, I think the gaming blood has started to flow in because I have already put 2 more games in my list of games to play. Dragon Age and Alice: Madness Returns.

Don't worry, love. I will still miss you and will be impatiently wait for your arrival here.




  1. Sama mcm my hubster, suka main game!!

    1. Sebab best! Hehe kadang2 sampai lupa dunia =P

  2. I pun suke men game.. dulu pernah men game sampai 3 hari x tido.. hu very addictive.. hari ke empat.. i baring je.. trus tido.. :p tp skrg i dah kurang men game.. sibuk ngn perkara2 lain.. :)

    1. Wah.. zack, U lagi hardcore.. sampai 3 hari tak tido.