The Last Day of the Year

I have never celebrated New Year's Day ever in my entire life. Perhaps mostly due to my social awkwardness towards parties or just the disinterest of celebrating.

Usually, I would stay at home and be in bed by 10pm, surfing the net, watching the television or sometimes, sleeping. I was THAT indifferent to the New Year Celebrations.

This time, however, I spent my last day of the year outside with Jhon.

Not out partying or celebrating but out bowling at Downtown East in the morning. You see, Jhon has a bowling marathon of 20 straight games in a week's time and he has not been bowling for quite sometime so he has to warm up. Naturally, I joined in.

With 7 straight games, a group of preteens constantly shouting "Bastard sia!!", a group of China people who took away my ball, this is our score.

Yeah, Jhon's score look pretty sucky because he said he was trying different techniques of throwing and LOOK AT MY SCORE!!1 I improved okay?? When I started bowling, I am lucky to even reach 80+ and now my average score is 130+.

There were a few games that I even beat Jhon! Albeit it was my best against his worst game but at least I have something to be boastful about. =P After the 5th to 6th game, our shoulders started to ache. Imagine having to play 20 games. Yikes!

Anyways, we had dinner at Seoul Garden, my treat since Jhon treated me at Pizza Hut the day before. We are fair that way..

Yummy.. It has been a while and although we were noobies with the 'techie' ordering system as compared to 'attack the buffet table' method, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

We headed home, get cleaned up and watched New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel on StarWorld.
It's a must watch show for the both of us and no matter what, Jhon will always make the effort to come over to my place so we can watch together.

By 9pm, Jhon went back to his place and I am on my bed with my lap top. It was a simple outing, with no crowds, no corny dates or gestures. Just 2 of us, spending our time together like any other day.

Because if you really want to think about it, what is a new year? It's just another minute past midnight, another new calender and another sunrise. It's just another year but how do you spend your days?

Whoa, suddenly turned all solemn so here is a picture of loads of money!

At just one slight of a hand, all of it is gone because I have additional responsibilities at home now so yup, money gain, money gone. Being an adult sucks sometimes but I keep telling myself, at least I have some source of income and there are people who are in worst position than us.


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