Visiting Baby Emma

Dashikahwati gave birth to a baby girl on November 2011. Fizah, Jhon and I was invited to a small gathering over the weekend at Hougang.

Emma Nur Eiliyah Binte Ismadi.
She is so chubby lah, so geram and I just want to squeeze her.

She seems to be a very good baby besides the crying for food etc..

We stayed for a couple of hours, ate and chit chatted.

Sorry Fizah, picture kinda sucked. It's either your face is blurred or the baby's face is blurred.  =P

Well, we went out to Far East Plaza after that. Jhon bought a pair of skater shoes and Fizah got herself a pair of pumps. Me, nada, as usual because I'm so irritatingly choosy. haha

We ate at Cahaya, yummy Jimba Rice/Noodels and 'kwahcharkuey' (internal joke) and headed home.

Jhon especially enjoyed the day. Besides the obvious reason that he got new shoes, he like it that we spent the day without any cranky moment. Well, apparently, he is superstitious and he thinks how we spend the first day of the year will reflect the rest of the year.

I just hope it's true though. I really need a good year.


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