Motorcycle Made of Lighters

I came across this in the Internet.

Motorcycles made of lighters aka Lightercycles.

Click here for the original link

If you know me by now, I just got to try it!

With Jhon's help, he let me have his old lighters when he was a smoker 3 years ago.
 (he quited for me.. awww)

And of course, a quick search on Youtube on how to.
(The video will be at the end of this post)

Fixing was somewhat easy but there was one problem.

After getting frustrated on why the 'bodies' won't fix, we realized that the 'ang moh' lighters are different from Asian lighters. Apparently, they have a hole to clip on but we don't.

By the end of the assembly, we managed to make a Lightercycle but it was a somewhat of a fail because it will fall apart when you touch it because it was not assembled like it was supposed to. I guess it could have been easily fixed with super glue but the point of creating a lightercycle is not using any other items.

And yes, our lightercycle has no handle bars too for the same reason why we can't fix the bodies.

Well, at least we tried.

Below is the video on how to create your own lightercycle if you want to try yourself.



  1. waw very nice n creative. Will try it. need to buy a lighter bcoz im not a smoker.

    1. Those types of lighters are inexpensive anyways. I'm thinking of using the giant novelty ones for the Lightercycle. hehe

  2. wow!what a nice way to recycle.

  3. looks really, really cute! Would be nice to have a collection.