Bloated Me

In less than a week, I have been having large meals which is never a good thing. I always try to watch what I eat with 2-3 indulges a week but all is failed since Friday.

On Friday, my company had a late Christmas lunch. It was buffet style and no, I didn't went all out but I was very full nonetheless. I had salad, broccoli soup, rice with 2 dishes and ice-cream.

On the same day, Jhon decided to treat me dinner at Pizza Hut. We had a 6'' pizza, lasagna, cheesy mussels and spicy drumlets.

Saturday, on New year's eve, I treated Jhon a lunch at Seoul Garden.

On Sunday, I ate lasagna (again) and 'Nasi lemak' at a gathering and had Jimba noodles at Far East.

Monday was Chili Crab day. My mom cooked it for me after I gave her extra money for crabs.

That is 6 big meals in 4 days!! No wonder I feel so bloated and to make things worst, I have not been exercising regularly and pooping enough. =(

Good news, my appetite has now mellowed down and after a long walk at Marina Bay construction site, I still managed to walk home from Eunos MRT.

Time to buck up!



  1. Lol WOW yeah, I'm going to face the same problem soon. See: CNY. I'm screwed xD
    Try detoxing for a week, it'll really help lol

  2. Hi Punk Chopsticks. Yes! I intend to cut down on the food intake. The feeling of being bloated sucks! Good luck to you for CNY. hehe

  3. huh sedapnyer..i'm craving for it..

  4. haha, CNY, prepare for the worst, lol. btw, it's alright! the food is nice :p so eating abit more is alright! do exercise! heh (speaking from someone who does none lol)

    1. haha I understand what you mean. It's always easier said than done.

  5. Can't blame you for not being able to watch what you eat. Everything you've mentioned sounded delicious and mouthwatering. Good for you! ;-)