Meeting Van Gogh

Okay, obviously I didn't meet Van Gogh since he is dead for many centuries ago and even if he was alive, I don't think our paths will ever cross.

Jhon and I went to the National Musuem for the Dreams and Reality exhibition.

I will post the outing when I go through over 300 pictures. =P

One of the significant painting that was somewhat special to us was the infamous painting, Starry Night at the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh.

Not only we get to see the painting in real life, it also brought us memories of a little project we did on Van Gogh just for fun.

This is our impressionist artwork of one of his artwork, Starry Night made of eraser dirt.

No words can describe the feeling to be next to such a beautiful painting.



  1. WOW! Can I just say that your impression of Starry Night out of eraser shavings was just magnificent!!!! So much attention to the detail!!! Also, amazing how alike the real one it looks!


    1. Thank you for the compliments, Cyren. It really took me time to accumulate the eraser dirt but it was worth it =)

  2. Sounds interesting,although i haven't been to one before,
    are those exhibits original or replicas?

    1. Hi Thomas, it was my first visit for such gallery so it was an eye opener. I believe some are orginal and some are replicas =)

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