The Unknown Lady in White

No one ever knew who she was. She just came out of nowhere.
It started as a faint figure at the corner of the eyes by joggers who will disappear at the second glance.

She appears subtly and seemingly harmlessly; always partially hidden, almost like a shy child contemplating and summoning up bravery to approach a new group of children. She never stayed in one place. She seemed to roam and she was always spotted at a different place every time.

With uncertainty, comes rumors.

There were stories of a jilted lover who was promised to elope and she committed suicide from a broken heart but it's spirit still lingers and hoping that her lover will come.

As years passed, she seemed more confrontational, following and taunting...

This only add more imagination to her story.

Some say, she was an insecure and shy girl who was to meet the first and only man who ever showed interest in her. It turned out that she was just another victim for the man to slaughter.

Another story, basing on her white scarf, she was a disfigured girl who had always had her scarf covering her face. One day, a group of teenagers not only bullied her but also chased her into the garden. They took away her security that is her white scarf and threw rocks at her. 1 rock hit her head just a little too hard and she collapsed never to wake up again.

Anger can really bring a spirit unrest and more sightings of her showing signs of torment seemed to confirmed it.

But no one still knows her real story especially when everyone has a different experience from her.

Who is she? What's her story?
Do you dare to find out?


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