Love your Eye Pouches!

“Eye pouches? Whatchoo talking ‘bout, man? You mean ‘dem eye bags?”

[I have no explanation why I imagine my readers to talk this way but it was the first thing that comes to my head and it has been typed so no turning back]

When I mean, eye pouches, it is not necessarily mean those ugly eye bags that we all love to hate. Eye pouches are fatty deposits under your eyes but eye bags are from fatigue, fluid retention and/or aging. 

Do you know in Korea, the ladies embrace their eye pouches? It is because it is known to make your eyes bigger and make you look younger!

[Korean group - Girls' Generation]


Apparently, having an eye pouch creates an illusion, more on that later. I don’t believe it too. I have always disliked the bags under my eyes especially when there is lighting from above. Shadows are created under my eyes which make me even more old and tired.

Upon researching, my eyes bags are not exactly eye bags but actually eye pouches! What is the difference?

Eye bags appear whether you smile or not but eye pouches appear only when you smile.

Eye Bags


Eye Pouches!

[Actress - Han Ga In]

Okay, back to the eye illusion. The best example is via Photoshop.
See when I remove all the pouches, their eyes looks smaller and their face looks matured. 

[Actress - Park Hye Sang]

My brain is warped. Shouldn't eye bags make you look more tired and not fresher and younger?

Anyways, I admit, once in a while, I do light Photoshop to remove dark circles, reduce eye bags and conceal imperfections because that is my only skill set in photo editing. haha Anyways, I hate taking pictures at the end of the day because tiredness makes my pouch bigger.

Usually I only edit under my eyes when they look kinda bad on a tiring day but on general, I don't bother them.
So let's try this on me.

What do you think? I think I actually look better with my eye pouches. =D Without them completely makes me look weird.

Check in the mirror and check if you have eye pouches and if you do,

Embrace your eye pouches because they make you look good! =)



  1. Very well said....I agree entirely and most certainly welcome eye pouches to my eyes :)

  2. I've never really thought of eye pouches much:) Your Photoshop skills are a lot better than mine haha! Keep it up.

    1. They always bothered me until now and thank you haha

  3. That's amazing, they really do make the face look more plump and youthful. Now I can be glad that I have them :) haha

    1. That's good and share the word! hehe