Sunplay Watery Cool Series + Free Sample

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Well, here is another product from Sunplay.

After spending much time under the sun, feeling lethargic, hot and sweaty, don’t you always feel like jumping into a pool? Unfortunately, jumping into a body of water may not always be a good idea.

For example, exercising around reservoir parks. I love walking or trekking. It’s less strenuous on your body with maximum impact. Walking may seem a mild workout but walking under the sun for a few hours can really make you feel hot and sweaty.

Half way through my routine, the reservoir can be very appealing for a quick cooling dip but of course it’s not  always a good idea.

Here’s introducing you the Sunplay Watery Cool series

All Sunplay’s products have ingredients like Solarex-3 that provides protection from sunburn, skin aging and dryness so what is so special about this? It’s cooling!

Imagine starting your workout feeling fresh from Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65+++. I know some people don’t bother to take a shower before exercising thinking they need to shower again anyways. Not me okay? haha This also works well if you are out the whole day doing other activities. ;D

And just as you about to feel lethargic from heat it is probably more or less time to reapply that new layer of sunblock. The consistency of the lotion is thin and there is a slight feeling of a cooling sensation. It is highly water resistant and ideal for face and body.

Dislike reapplying lotion on sticky and sweaty skin? I understand, I hate it too and that is why Sunplay produces Sunplay Watery Cool MIST SPF75 PA+++.

Just spray it on!

I feel that the mist spray is much cooling than the sun block especially when the wind blows. It has high UVA and UVB protection, water resistant, easy to apply, non-greasy and light. This is my personal favorite! 

Get yours now at store near you! 

Sunplay Watery Cool UV Mist SPF75 PA+++,
Net Wt. 150ml, Retail Sales Price: $17.90

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++,
Net Wt. 35g, Retail Sales Price: $17.20

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  1. i like sunplay products ^^

    1. Me too and you can redeem a sample at their FB page =D

  2. wow, very well taken photos!! Look so professional and totally likes those on advertisements!!

  3. Wow, I love your pictures. They are so well taken.