Mom's 60th Birthday Surprise

My mom is 60 years old. Even I can't believe it. Years pass by so fast and she is so fit and healthy that I don't realize how aged she has been.

It fell on the 20th of July, a day before the fasting month so the family decided to go all out.

I settled the ice-cream cake, bro bought food from Newton and sis a present.

She being the typical mom was busy serving the food and making it all proper for us. She cried immediately after she saw my sister brought out the cake with lit candles as we sang Happy Birthday to her.

She did declared that she don't want any fuss (mothers always say that but deep inside it's otherwise) and was genuinely surprise and touched.

Sis bought her a Bonia clutch bag and look at her, immediate happiness lol.

After the emotional wave, we ate like there was no tomorrow. =P The kids were tame that night so we managed to eat with our heart's content.

With ice-cream cake, there is always dry ice and of course, I HAVE to play with it. lol

Irfan was the only kid who loved it.

The doe eyed boy.

My bro and his lovely wife.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to my mak. I pray for her health and long life so that she can eventually see me get married and maybe have a child of my own. =')



  1. Your mum looks good for her age and she has such w wonderful smile. I am also loving the spread of food to honor such a great person.

  2. Thank you Nav for the lovely compliments =)