Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask

When the color BLACK is mentioned, we would think of







and the boldness of the color.


The last thing we would think of is a beauty mask.

Well, now, we will because of
Sexy Look's Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask.

What does it do?

It absorbs dirt, excessive sebum and refine pores. Hydrates and repairs skin for a natural glowing complexion. Vitamin C enriched blackcurrant to boost nutrient circulation for that radiant, crystal clear skin.

Do you realize the main ingredients are black in color? Well, so it the mask.

So if you think wearing a mask looks scary, wait till you put on a black mask! haha No pictures for this, you can use your imagination. =P

Besides that, I believe it is just like any other masks. It fits well and feels good on the skin.

There is a sale going on at 43% off means it's just $2 (U.P $3.50).
Get your hands on it now!

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