5 Years of Love and Crankiness.

FIVE YEARS! If a child is used as an example, the child can talk, walk, run and goes to school!

Don’t worry; I won’t go all mushy and romantic. =D

This year, we didn’t plan much on what to do to celebrate our 5 years together but at the last minute, we decided to eat at a fancy-shmancy buffet restaurant and head out to Marina Barrage for picture taking.

At 11.55pm, we arrived at Royal Scotts Plaza to have lunch at Carousel, one of the famous Halal ‘atas’ buffet style restaurant. I have always wanted to eat there because of the many good reviews but hesitated because of their price, $50+ per PAX for lunch. Then I thought, let’s splurge for today, okay?

The staffs were nice and friendly with ambience that was great and comfortable.

As for food, their Seafood, Salad and Desert counter is the best.

How else can I prove the food were delicious? We didn’t take many photos because THAT is how much we enjoyed our food. You know, like how the food is so yummy, you forget everything else. =D

If I ever consider going again, I would go for their High-tea. Carousel has the best deserts I have ever tasted in Singapore. THERE! I said it. lol

My initial plan was to walk around the city first before heading to Marina Barrage to avoid the afternoon heat but Jhon insisted to just spend our time there.

He regretted it.

Somehow, that day was exceptionally hot and humid. After 3 hours, we got cranky. =(

We did manage to take some photos in the Marina Barrage Gallery but we definitely didn’t spend our evening there as I initially planned. It was too hot and we were not feeling the love.

Warped mirror made me look so skinny. I don't really like it.

It was not a sweet ending because cranky couple was cranky but we made amends after we cooled off like we always do. =)

I later emailed him a video I made that was meant to be shared under the stars at Marina Barrage and I can witness him laugh and cry from love and happiness. Hahaha! :dramatic:

[Hesitant to share this to public but I made it less personal compared to my previous videos to him so it should be okay]

It is just a short photo montage we took a month ago and I decided to animate it.

Yey! I hope for more years of us together with less cranky moments!

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