Formula Drift Asia 2012 Day 2

I am finally finishing this super uber over due Formula Drift Asia 2012 post.
Click here for Day 1.

So day 2 is packed because well, it's the event day.

Canon camera owners were very lucky because they had a chance to take photos from the Canon podium for 10-20 minutes.

The weather hot but windy and I knew for sure I will can tanned.

Drivers threw freebies and some where bad at aiming =X

Anyways, the competition was awesome!

The race was aggressive with many accidents. hehe Don't worry, nothing severe, just the standard bumper drops.

At the last leg, it was head to head with Daigo Saito and Rio Saputro Budhardjo.

In the end, Daigo Saito the defending champion won! Rio said he was trying real hard to match up to Saito until he lost control.

It was an amazing race! Thank you Motul for the opportunity!


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