Formula Drift Asia 2012 Day 1

So I got my hands on a pair of tickets for Formula Drift Asia this year by joining a contest. The icing on the cake was I got grandstand tickets. Yey! The last time I went was 2010 and I didn't get to see much because my brother sent our parents, Jhon and I too late.

This time around, it's just Jhon and I at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

Day 1 is a qualifying round for all drivers. We came by at 2:15pm, just in time to check out the area and autograph session with all drivers.

Do you recognize any of them?

After checking out the drivers, we checked out their cars and crew at their pits. It's been a while since I am this close to a drifting car. There were plenty of Nissan Silvias.

This is reminded me of my brother's old car.

Close to 2:45pm, we headed to the grandstand to get ready for the race. 
Check out the track!

By then, the best seats were already taken but it was okay. The view was only slightly obstructed. Our area was quite empty so we acted like we owned the place =P

The qualifying round was not so hot in the beginning. Scores were mostly zero but after the amateurs had their chance, the real drifters showed how it was done.

Although some drivers like the "Prince of Drift", Tengku got too aggressive and got zero points, he managed to get himself in the top 16. Tengku leh... Loads of money to practice in his backyard. haha



See Daigo Saiko's score, if I am not mistaken the highest among them all. He is after all the defending champion!

Will he be crowned champion on Day 2?
Those who had watched the competion on ESPN, read it on the net, please keep quiet! lol
This is clearly a long overdue post. =P