Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask

Do you know that pomegranates has many health benefits?

It can promote heart health, great for men's health as it helps prevent prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. It can also help slow the aging process and help maintain skin's elasticity and health. Most importantly, pomegranates are commonly known as a great source of anti-oxidants.


Best way to obtain all these health benefits is to drink the juice but sometimes don't you wish you can lather your face with all the anti-oxidants and nutrients to promote your skin's goodness?

Now you can with 
Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting and Whitening Mask.

Each box contains 5 cute packets with masks that are fully packed with essences that provides instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits. Each dose helps ameliorate dull and dry skin, creating a complexion that is fresher, clearer, smoother and brighter.

The mask is thin and soft to the touch but what excited me was the sweet fragrant of the mask. I almost immediately felt refreshed from the smell.

After using the mask, my skin looks and feels refreshed. It felt moisturized and elastic but not necessary smoother than usual.

Give it a try!

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