Losing Weight Part 2 – The Update

Slightly over 2 years ago, I posted a blog post entitled “Losing weight the lazy way”

I shared how I lost a few kilograms within my own comfortable pace when I was verging being overweight with 65kg at 1.68m.

After 2 years, I am still continuing my regime. No doubt, I had my ups and down. Over the years, I had my weight go up and down but by 2 +/- kg due to not up holding my routine. I am only human and I had my weaknesses of eating more oily food than doing my walks home.

It was not that bad because I always take notice of my negligence early so I always managed to get myself on track. Basically, I was able to control my weight not go beyond 60kg ever again.

So recently, my sis had people come over to update her weight check up. (My sis likes to lose weight the “faster and easy way” by taking diet supplements. I strongly disapprove but it is her choice)

She told me to check my weight and fats for fun. These are my results.

I was shocked! I had not weighed myself for years and not realized I have lost even more weight. Technically, it should be lesser because I just had dinner, was wearing jeans and having my period.

The sense of accomplishment was beyond words because I have managed to hit my personal weight goal and still keeping my C cup boobs. Hahaha!

The machine also checks 2 types of fats, fat cells under my skin and fat cells around my organs.

Fat cells around my organs aka Viceroy Fats, super healthy.

The 1230 kcal/day is my basal metabolic rate which means I burn that much calories just doing nothing. Good hor?

Fat cells under my skin, slightly over. Well, I already knew because I still have rolls of fats when I sit down.

As for now, I am trying to get rid of as much fat rolls as possible but in general, just try to maintain my weight. Remember, losing weight is easy, maintaining is the hard part.

Those who know me should know that I hardly shop so I tend to repeat clothes and I found pictures at 3 different stages of weight with the same top. Yes, it's one of my favorite tops, just in case it's not obvious. lol

Look at that difference!

Not the best photo but I look like a drug addict. Nuff said.

This is my chubbiest but when my mom saw the picture, she prefers me at this weight. =S She said I looked (gebu) fresh? But I hate how I felt at this weight. I hardly took photos, running and climbing the stairs was a chore and I just don't like how my body feels in general. I can tell because I am quite an energetic person.

I love this weight although there is a little room for improvement but I generally love it! I feel and look fitter. My aim was to able look good just with T-shirt and jeans. Mission Accomplished!

I am at just the right size. Not too thin, not too chubby/fat. In fact, I believe I am a couple of kilograms lighter than my 2012 picture. 

I have also added a couple of new habits in my routine.

Currently, I have been doing my walks, cut down on food that makes me gain weight fast (fast food) and listen to my stomach not my mouth (don’t be a glutton!)

One of my new habits is POOPING! I am not saying to buy laxatives and poop away okay? Most of my life, my pooping habits are irregular. I would poop every 2-3 days. I know, bad. Now, I eat more food with fibre and drink Vitagen and now, I poop every morning and sometimes in the afternoon too. No words to describe after a wonderful big dump.

And recently, I have started to eat almonds. It was not my plan to. I just had a lot of left over almonds from baking Biscotti so I just ate the rest as snacks. I didn’t realize how yummy they were by itself.

I randomly looked up the health benefits and to my surprise, almonds can help you lose weight lah! They even help slow weight gain. It is also good for your hair, cuticles, heart, pooping etc! So I am trying to keep this habit of snacking on almonds. I tend to eat average 10 pieces a day. I just grab them in my hands and munch =) I try to avoid eating too much because it will cause pimple breakout.

I am so happy and proud of myself for being able to achieve the weight that I want and at my own comfortable pace. I suggest this to everyone who wishes to lose/control their weight.

Just start with small basics and build from there. Trust me; you will see the changes like I did.

Remember, the faster you lose weight, the faster you will gain it and the slower you lose weight, the slower you will gain it. ;D


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