It’s been 14 days since all fellow Muslims started to fast on Ramadhan. We are half way through!

So far, I have not missed any days yet but I am due for my ‘red tide’ soon. It sucks when my schedule is never on the dot. It comes and goes as it pleases. The problem is it is all thunder but no rain. Get what I mean?

Anyways, I am not sure about others but lately my days have been challenging. I don’t know whether it was the PMS or what but suddenly I am surrounded by annoying people!

So far, I have not exploded yet but it’s hard to take a deep breath with gritted teeth and feel that searing heat in my chest.

Other than that, Ramadhan has been smooth. Good home cooked food, plenty of rest and family bonding. There was even a time I applied leave from work just to take a break from the office and help mom around the house by playing with the 3 boys at home.

If you guys are curious about Jhon on whether he is fasting or not, well, he has been fasting half a day since day one. So technically, he has fasted for 7 days now which is the longest he ever tried fasting. Must train you know? =P It will nice to know if he accomplishes the entire Ramadhan even it’s just half a day.

I had never forced him and he did it out of his own willingness and sincerity which makes it much more special. At least I can see he is making an effort and the future of us is clear.

That is pretty much it. I just hope the days go smoothly.

Abrupt end.