Running, Running, As Fast as I Can.

So what has happened to my "Learning how to run" regime that I started 4 months ago?

It was a fail.

Before you judge and laugh at me for being so gung ho for nothing, bear in mind, I am never a runner as mentioned before so it's not really a surprise the regime to kononya to eventually run a minimum of 5K continuously was a flop.

Truthfully, I really tried my hardest to push myself and Jhon to be committed.
Unfortunately, as weeks passed, it had been raining and Jhon's back aches got worse due to the impact as he runs.

I would've continued on my own but running at night alone was a no-no.

BUT! although I am no longer committed to the regime, I am still running/ jogging but now at my own pace and availability. I managed to hurt my back 2 months ago  and the pain still lingers until now but it goes away when I jog it off.

For 2 whole months, I ran/ jogged/ walked 3 times a week for about 2+/-km at 4pm. My stamina improved but unfortunately, social anxiety is still dominant because as soon as someone joined in the track, I lose my focus and get kekok. But no matter what, I told myself, I have to clock in that 2km, does not matter if it was slow or fast.

Now that it's fasting month, I had to put it on hold.

I shall persist not only because I want to gain stamina or easy my back pain but also...

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