KUMAR Stands Up For Singapore (R18)

I am at the point of sick and tired of counting dollar and cents for recreational (micro-adventure) dates because we have most of our savings put aside for our wedding. So we decided to 'splurge' on something that is coming in the corner.

Kumar's stand-up show,  KUMAR Stands Up For Singapore.

[Sistic - Kumar]


"Does Singapore have a SUPERHERO standing up for us? You bet your bottom CPF dollar we do! Just like our Singapore Flag has 5 Stars, our Singapore Champion's name has 5 letters: K.U.M.A.R!!!!

As Uniquely Singapore as Your Singapore can get, KUMAR spends April 2015 being our STB... Singapore's Top Bapok – STANDING UP FOR SINGAPORE! Celebrating Singapore's journey from a swampy island of a few orang lauts to today's bustling metropolis of millions. He'll make you roar with laughter as he tackles the red, the white, the stars and, of course, his Crescent Moon. Come laugh with KUMAR as you discover the truth"

This would be our 4th time attending his shows. We watched him in Kings & Queen Comedy Asia, Kumar's Amazing Race and my favorite thus far, What Makes a Man a Man?.

We could have a choice attending his pub stand-ups which are probably cheaper but the scene was just not for us.

We had dinner at Changi City Point and rushed like crazy to Esplanade. We managed to reach on time with 1 minute to spare. Fuh!

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Well, the show was hilarious as expected!
He is always fair in mocking joking about all the races in Singapore.
 The topic of his stand up covers all 5 stars of the Singapore flag; democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. In between, he answered some questions from the audience so there was also some interactions.

[DreamAcademyProductions FB]

Kumar also looked gorgeous in his outfits, especially his sari and angel outfit.

Jhon and I was so glad we went to release our stress. hehe


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