Looong time ago, Jhon and I went to Changi Airport to check out the Star Wars display, mini performance of Stormtropper, X-fighter pilots and R2D2 and meet & greet.The Star Wars display will be held from 12 November 2015 to 5 January 2016 and it's at Terminal 2 and 3.

We started at T3 to check out the iconic the TIE Fighter protected by 5 Stormtroopers.

After that, we headed to T2 so I can get a chance to take a picture in the X-Wing fighter. There were allocated time slots and I queued for the 1pm slot. We were there early so we had plenty of time for photo taking and video recording.

We also checked out a mini display behind the stage with Star Wars memorabilia and an interactive wall where you can hear C-3PO as he speaks popular phrases from Star Wars through 10 spoken languages.

I only started to queue for the X-Wing fighter phototaking 15-20 minutes before the actual time and the queue was still short. Of course, I was the only single adult to participate while others would go as families with the kids.

We actually didn't know more than 1 person can board the X-wing fighter, I would've dragged ask Jhon to join too.

After the phototaking, we had lunch at Swensons and by the time we finished, it was just in time for the 4pm character meet and greet.

We under estimated the crowd and inclusive of departing travelers at their main gate, the place looked chaotic. We were lucky enough to find a spot even though there were several people in front of us. Horray for height!

There was when things got a little sour. Obviously, there were many kids who wanted to see their favorite characters and a couple of the kids from the back would try to wriggle to the front with the other kids. We gave leeway for the smaller ones because pitiful right?

So Jhon gently tapped a dad in front if it's okay for a kid maybe 5 years old to scooch in next to his kid probably 7-8 years old. Wahh.. not happy. Especially the mother who raised her voice AT ME that they had been waiting for 30 MINUTES and the little boy might PUSH his kid. seriously?! Wah!!

At that time, I calmly told her then tell the kid not to push lah. Just share a spot. But she asked ME to do it. -_- And she was on nagging repeat mode and I told her to tell the father lah! She repeated went, "Where's the father?". In the end, the father also gave in and said to us thank you and it's okay. Boh paiseh ah?

WTH WOMAN. It was a small boy who enjoys as much (if not more) Star Wars as your kid. I thought in such a big crowd especially a show meant for kids too, you would think adults would be nicer. In the end, when the characters appeared, they both took turns carrying the kid which means there would be more space for the younger kid to stand in the first place. WTH. She's lucky it's not my kid. If not, I would probably lose my cool.

Anyways, rule of thumb, always let the hysterical woman be hysterical. They are more likely to make a fool of themselves without us doing anything about it.


The crowd rushing for photo taking of the Stormtroopers, X-wing pilots and R2D2 were terrible too! 'Kiasu tahap maxima' It's as if they were the real characters. Boy, I wouldn't dare to imagine what would it be if they were. haha We didn't took part because we were still hot about that woman and her old husband.

Despite it all, I still had a good time lah... Here's one of my favorite vlogs up to date.
Clearly when you see the date of the video, you can tell this written post is super overdue. haha


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