Kisah Tok Kadi

[Tales of a Marriage Solemnizer]

Here's my one of my little secrets.
I was never the 'gatal nak kahwin' girl and never obsessed with weddings but one of my guilty pleasures was watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' on special days where you get free channels on cable. That and birthing reality shows. Yep.

We have TLC 24/7 by now and I still dabble in those shows.

I don't know why but something about watching these ladies choosing dresses and being happy was fascinating. Not to mention when the opinionated family members and/ or friends voice out. But ever since I am getting married, watching such shows actually gave me added stress when the BTB was having a stressful situation. It is because of that, I try to completely avoid them.

Until I came across 'Kisah Tok Kadi' on Suria at my sister's maternity suite.

"Kisah Tok Kadi is a light-hearted drama series that revolves around the life of a young popular ‘tok kadi’, Shahrul, who successfully conducts solemnization for couples each week. In each episode Kisah Tok Kadi shows some of the unique experiences that he faces during solemnization and how he tackles those challenges."
 - Kisah Tok Kadi (

It was the first episode and like I said, watching wedding shows triggers my own wedding stress but at the same time, it was interesting. It's like watching a horror movie or something gory. It's disgusting/ horrifying but you can't look away. I'm not saying the show 'Kisah Tok Kadi' disgusting and horrifying eh... lol I am trying to be relatable but I kinda went sideways there.

Anyways, the show is interesting because it shows the goings and in comings in a Malay wedding besides revolving the life of the tok kadi. I am pretty sure some of the situations are relatable to many BTB & GTB. You know, the standard 'war' between the elders & youngsters, culture & modern and many more.

Some moments can be pretty annoying but trust me, some of these things actually happen eh! Maybe in some instances are exaggerated for entertainment purposes.

The only thing that I am a liiiitle not keen is that the Tok Kadi is single. I generally try to be as open minded as possible but a single tok kadi who give relationship sermons are a tad hard to swallow. Sometimes having all the information in the book does not matter when emotions are on the rise. We are not robots, okay? =P Theory and practical lessons should come in hand in hand. With that said, the advises on the show are pretty spot on.

They also touched base a little on marital & single life too.

There's plenty to learn from watching this show AND some of the wedding stuff they used is from ACTUAL wedding vendors! So you can refer and check the vendors at the end credits.

You may check out on the tele on Monday at 9:30pm or just watch it on toggle.
Don't worry for my non-Malay BTB, there's English translation. hehe


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