1 more week!

Can you believe it? After all the posts I had written on #weddingtalk, Jhon and I are at the 1 week mark countdown to our wedding.

The current feeling is mostly indifferent because we have been too busy with the wedding preparations and cleaning/ painting rooms. Even when we had a breather, we were thinking what are the things we should do next and checking our fiances.

At this point, our rooms are 95% ready, Jhon's family already got their passports, we had already had almost all our final appointments/ discussions with our vendors. My living room is stacked with berkat and wedding stuff. Which reminds me, I've not blogged about my berkat yet.

Unfortunately, 2 days ago, we had received bad news of Jhon's grandfather passing away. He was old and sickly so it's already his time and place. With that said, nobody is ready or wants to say goodbye forever to a family member.

My wedding talk series has almost come to an end especially after I do a review of all my vendors. Any readers want me to touch base on anything that I might have left out?

All I know is, I hope everything will go smoothly and whatever happens, I know it's for a reason. What is important is us enjoying every moment of it.


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