Bicycle Obstructions

  Every block has their bicycle racks under the block. All these while, the amount of bikes parked under my block was not that bad until for the past few months. As weeks passed, it grew more and more! I am not exaggerating eh? It's like 3 bikes to 1 rack and 2-3 that loiters nearby.

Our décor people suggested us to make a sign for owners to temporary remove the bikes since we will be having our wedding ceremony there but that week we wanted to post up, town council themselves had post up a sign. Cun ah!

Some bikes even had a special note on them too stating that they have 1 week or the town council will remove the bikes themselves.
1 day passed eventually, 7 days and nothing happened. So we decided to also put our post lah, at least, there's a timeline. 
Then just a few days before our big day, I saw this.

Alhamduliah! It's obvious it's the works of the town council. What a wonderful coincidence. We felt so relieved! At least that area won't look such an eye sore. I just hope during the wedding, the owners won't suddenly scold us and ask us what did we do to their bikes. haha


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