Versari Ade Final Fitting

Firstly, Versari Ade's office has moved. They are still within Kaki Bukit area (9 Kaki Bukit Place) and EVEN NEARER to my place. Previously, it would be a 20 minute walk, now it's 10 minutes lah. hehe What I like about the new place is that it's definitely more accessible and safe. The only tiny bit leceh as a guest is that you have to call the office so they can bring in the lift for you to take.

We had already chose our wedding outfits about 5 months back while we were choosing our outfits for our photo shoot. You know, kill 7 baju birds with one stone. Click to read about how that day went. Note that usually outfit choosing is 3 months before the wedding.

 For our wedding day, we will be wearing,
❣ Off White/ Silver Malay Modern Outfit
❣ Purple Modern Songket

❣ Cream Western lace dress with Jhon's own Barong

Since it's just a fitting, it's quite a fast appointment. We just needed to try and the team would pin the necessary areas to fit. I tell you, the difference when we were trying out clothes and liking it to having the clothes fit us perfectly is a huge one!

Especially when I had the veil on while I was trying my nikah outfit. Yeah, Jhon and I can't stop smiling. Jhon even made a joke saying "let's go, let's get married". Tak sabar nampak. haha

Anyways, we finalized our bill, paid our final deposit and talked about what will happen on the wedding day.


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