Speech! Speech!

Towards to end of any ceremony, a speech is greatly encouraged in a way of showing appreciation to all guests and who have helped to make event successful.

That goes without saying for weddings too.

Usually, such speeches are held during the 2nd half of the wedding when the bride and groom is wearing their evening outfit; after photo taking and cake cutting. In some circumstances, the father of the bride/groom would make the speech but more often than not, the bride and groom themselves will take the microphone or both!

Especially if you engage a videographer, it is greatly encouraged for the bride and groom to have a speech ready before the big day. This is avoid the "errr... ahhh" moments. It's 'nicer' hear when a speech is smooth and confident.

It's pretty much like the school days where you have to do your presentation. If you are shy and get nervous easily, you can get your parents to say something on your behalf if not, just practice with a mirror.

Of course, those natural talkers don't really need a speech handy but it's always good to have a plan to avoid blabbering to much or forgetting to thank some important people.

Between Jhon and I, I am the shyer one but with practice and hyping myself up internally, I could make myself talk in the mic... I think... haha

Since my guests are a good mixture of Malay and Pinoys, I would break down my speech into 2 languages. I must uphold my Malay roots by speaking Malay! hehe

As for Jhon, he is more of a wing it kind of guy. In fact, I am not surprised if after my speech, he is going to say "Ditto!". haha I just need to make sure he thank everyone and in order.

For those who are unsure how to go about the speech, here's a rough guide. Feel free to change to suit fit to your own style and situation.

And that's it!
I know it looks like a mouthful but it's really not if you keep it simple. Plus, you can discuss with your partner who would speaking the more detailed speech. OR you can just have the groom to say the entire speech on behalf of everyone.


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