2nd Appointment with Wed'Inc Petals

Read our first appointment with Wed'inc Petals here.

This time around, I brought Mak and Kakak along with us to meet with Kak Andriana. I roughly knew what I want with the decor and placement but I knew this is one of those things my mom will be rather opinionated. I will just let her take the reins.

I was happy that the final arrangement is roughly what I wanted; to have the guests table and buffet table separated. No doubt the appointment would be better if the caterer and decor can meet so they can discuss alongside with each other. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for us.

I misplaced my yellow notebook which have my scribbles of wedding notes and I can't answer Kak Andriana efficiently. hmph

Other than that, we discussed about the arrangement and positions and such. Apparently, we have to book 1 more day for their set up. I forgot it's ideal to have the day before our wedding all set up even though it's a one day wedding. kwang kwang.

We also talked about the arrangement with the solemnization and such and we paid our second deposit. The third and final one after the wedding, during the tear down.

Some of you may not know but Jhon and I are feral cat feeders and it was so funny, one of the cats that we fed saw us (she hangs out at a different block) came over to say hi. She even followed us to and fro the block as we discussed about the wedding as if she was part of the group. Too cute! It would be nice if we can have a wedding picture taken with her or any of the cats. hehehe Kena maki dengan mak andam dan caterer because of the bulu tak? haha


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