Wedding DIY: Kid's Berkat

For the kid's berkat, we did the classic treats in a bag. We bought treat bags from Daiso, used twisty ties from my Sis's wedding years ago (happen to be gold & silver!), bought a toy, balloons and of course, sweets and chocolates for 100 pax.

We saw toys and balloons at a nearby small business stationary shop that also sells party stuff. In the end, we bought gold & silver balloons. I would've bought the maze thingy if it was not Christmas themed.

We got similar (but more colourful) spinners when we played and redeemed at the arcade, TimeZone City Square. As for the candy and such, we bought them at Value Dollar. We went all out in terms of types of candy. There are jellies, lollipops, chewy candy and chocolate Smarties.

Our baggies are not really packed to the max though but all I can say that it has variety and the items are small. Anyways, who cares? Kid's don't really care. hehe


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