Appointment with Nurie Creations

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Technically, Jhon and I supposed to meet up 1 month before the wedding with Cik Normie for the 2nd deposit but the day she wanted to meet was the weekend my cousin was getting married! She was so nice to want us to meet up at a wedding she is catering that is near to our place. But we had already told her, no choice and we don't mind traveling further just to meet and pay her. (nanti tak ada duit untuk barang dapur pulak hehe)

1 week before the wedding, Jhon and I went all the way to Yishun to meet her. I tell you, she and her husband is forever friendly and nice. They will always welcome us with open arms. They always serve us some kueh and always want to tapau food. EVERY SINGLE TIME. But that day we didn't take because it was an errand day and we will be out the whole day.

We discussed about table & chairs, set up day and we added more food to the menu such as black pepper prawns, sweet & sour fish and goreng pisang/ keledek & jemput2. Even with these additional, our grand total is still below $8k. Best!

What I also like that when I asked how much is the 2nd deposit (on paper is 50% of remaining but I want to double confirm), she said, any amount because she understand it's a crucial time and she understand couples need to pay plenty of stuff. How can a vendor so nice, flexible and trusting? Of course I paid the 50% lah because dah ready pun.

So remember that rule of the thumb of majority of vendors, especially the big expenses (bridal, caterer, photography, videography etc), there will be 3 deposits. 1st to book, 2nd before wedding and 3rd after wedding ceremony. No such thing as 2 deposits for these vendors okay?


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