Bridal Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

On the first working Monday of January, Jhon and I made another visit to Versari Ade for our pre-wedding bridal photo shoot! To be honest, I was nervous because well, low self-esteem. I knew I could trust Abg Hadi and his skills (I wouldn't book VA if I didn't) but I was just worried I would be all awkward and stiff. It also didn't helped my mom kept asking me to be mentel/ cheeky when that trait never ran in my blood!

For the photo shoot, we brought our shoes, Jhon's under shirt & belt, I worn my corset & girdle and drinks with buns just in case we got hungry because it's going to be a long day!

Our appointment was at 10am and the first 2+ hours was just for me and my makeup. Jhon got to wait at a waiting/studio area but he only managed to get a 20 minute nap. kwang kwang.

Abg Hadi was sweet and friendly as always. He calmed my nerves by just being himself and we just chit-chat and while he did his handiwork. You know, when we tried and choose our outfits 2 weeks ago, no doubt we love the outfits but to have the make-up and hairdo to match, fwar! I knew it and it still blew my mind.

Our first photo shoot outfit was our Green/Gold songket. Geared with my 'cucuk sanggul', I was just amazed how wonderful everything looked together. Cucuk sanggul for the win! All the sequins and all that gold really sparkled. It was funny that (as usual) I looked more of a convert than Jhon when we wore the outfits.

[Pardon for the mess. Monday is busy day following the wedding weekend]

Our second outfit was the traditional royal Javanese outfit. At this point, everyone was laughing because Jhon really look like an Indon model and could sell 'jamu' or something. He is really a chameleon, 'semua kena'. We were busy with our 60's Cheongsam outfit when Fizah suddenly messaged me. She saw Abg Hadi had posted a candid shot of me and Jhon. She was super excited and said I looked like 'puteri kayangan'. hahaha Compliment 'tahap maxima'. We are the type of people who rarely compliment so when 'kena', really sincere punya.

Thank you to Abg Hadi for making me look so pretty and also taking a candid shot that makes me look even prettier. Don't mind Mr Lim, Invogue Photography's photographer. He is silly and silly always makes me laugh.

Like I said, 3rd outfit was a trip to our Chinese roots. All I can say is that my features is totally meant for the 60s. Sorry if I 'carry my own basket' (lol) but really, I looked good and therefore, I felt good. Jhon wore a red/maroon suit and all that was missing was a cigarette holder.

Lastly, was of course, a western white dress. I didn't know we got a studio shoot for it too besides an outdoor so that was a lovely surprise. 

To be honest, Jhon and I haven't decided where should we do our outdoor photo shoot only 2 days before the appointment. We couldn't decide because we were simply fickle minded. Every spot is beautiful. We just knew we didn't want Botanic Gardens nor a cityscape. That didn't narrow much at all. lol

Until Jhon decided Mount Faber Park and Henderson Waves. We used to trek there (trekking activities halted because don't want to get tanned on wedding day. haha) and Jhon cycled there once in a while. Anyways, since those 2 locations are nearby, instead of restricted to just 1 scene, we can get both botanical AND structural location! Tadah! Smart or not? =P

We just happen to be lucky that Mr Lim brought us to Telok Blangah Hill Park, Terrace Garden (Jhon mentioned it as an idea, not a decision) which also happen to be along the way so technically, we got 3 locations. We were  blessed that the skies cleared up just in time for our photo shoot too.

No doubt the ground was wet but it was manageable. I felt bad that the dress got wet and a little dirty though.

Our next scene was at the Henderson Waves bridge. When I saw the beautiful sunset with Reflections at Keppel Bay building off to the left of the scenery, I knew we were really blessed because unexpected sunset photo!

After that, we took another short ride to Mount Faber. We just took pictures with the vines, in a cable car (lol), on the colorful stairs leading to Spuds & Aprons Restaurant and the at the Bell of Happiness. Basically, we roughly had about 5 different scene which was good. It meant a variety of backgrounds. But then right, we will only get an album with 20 pages (excluding table top & wall picture frame), it's not that we can narrow down to a lot. 

Not purposely kiasu ah... Just happen to have plenty of different spots to work with within those locations. After Mount Faber, we headed back to VA's office. By that time, it was about 7++pm and I can't wait to get out of my corset.  

It was a tiring day for all of us but a fruitful one. Jhon and I ended the day with no complains except of tiredness and hunger. haha I can't wait to see and choose the photos, 


Mr Lim and Jhon had agreed for an appointment to choose the wedding photos the coming Saturday but days later, he SMS requesting to meet up on Thursday. The earlier the better right? hehe All I can say that we were spoiled by choice especially with the outdoor shoots. In the end, we also bought 40 additional soft copies for keepsake. haha I can't wait to see everything in hard copies. hehe 



  1. hi there! i'm enquiring on the old-school style indoor photoshoot that you had with versari ade.. was it part of a package? can you email me how much you paid for the indoor photoshoot with makeup and 4 outfits? reason being, i'm actually looking for vendors to do a similar style photoshoot as urs... having a hard time finding service providers because this old-school style is getting quite rare... thanks!

    1. I agree. Such photoshoots are hard to come by nowadays because it's just not the 'trend'. Anyways, I've emailed you their package for your reference. =)