Wedding Review: KadKahwinCun

On 7th November, Jhon and I had our Larkin trip. If you want details on how to go there, click on my post when we surveyed wedding stuff at Larkin.

We headed to Plaza Larkin (Not Larkin Sentral) to KadKahwinCun to choose and order our wedding cards. It was the same design as the card we saw previously but when it comes to the nitty-gritty, I think I we might be a little anal-retentive. We were grateful there was already a Singaporean wedding card to use an example over there so it was easier to explain. Unfortunately, we can't place an English 'doa pengantin' too so we will just have a simple Malay one.

I was informed that the process takes about 1 month and within that 1 month, 2 weeks after our order, the designer would send a draft version of the card. Slightly over a 2 weeks, I still haven't received any email and had to call them. It turned out they had already sent it but I didn't receive it so I asked them to email to Jhon's email address.

They had forwarded the email they had sent to me to him so I could tell it wasn't a lie or anything but why eh? So I suggest giving 2 email addresses to your card vendors just in case.

We had some changes especially the map because they didn't put in the Bus number & nearest MRT station info (understandable) and there was a commotion within my family about why we didn't write Jhon's Muslim name in the card. (Bila discuss, tak nak cakap)
[Click here to read about the issue on his Muslim Name]

After request of an edit, 4 days later, the designer sent the second draft and we let them proceed with the printing. In about 2 weeks, I emailed them when can we collect (so we can plan our trip) and ta-da, we could collect in a week's time. Upon calculation of the dates, it seems it would take 1 month upon confirmation of the final drafted card. Not inclusive of the 2 weeks they need to draft the card. Geddit?

So on 27th December 2015, we headed back to Larkin Sentral for the last time (in terms of wedding related stuff). It was a quick trip since we already knew what we wanted. We bought bunga pahar, some accessories for my DIY bunga rampai baskets and then went to Kad Kahwin Cun at Plaza Larkin to collect our cards. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the shop but it's at ground level, just go straight, further in the mall passing the escalator after entering the main entrance.

We were given a sample of our wedding card and then the lady packed our stuff.

Here's a pro tip.
Bring a back pack like we did if you are ordering about 200pcs and above or a small luggage if more depending how heavy you can handle. Of course this only applies to those who goes solo with public transport like us. If you have a car, just dump it in the trunk ler. hehe

Here are our cards;
Gold and cream color partially coincidentally matches with our decor color. It's simple yet look traditional. Flower bouquet was from our pre-wedding photoshoot. lol

It only costs us about SG$0.60 cents! (1SGD = 3MYR) For 200pcs, it is considered dirt cheap because usually that kind of rates applies to those who orders 500pcs and more. Not only that, the wedding cards are the postcards type (not that it's a problem). Think about it, hot stamping with inlay for just SG$0.60!

I am just saying that we got a really nice design at fraction of a cost especially with the amount of cards we ordered. Thank you, Malaysia. hehe

Pro tip for inter-nationality couples.

This tip caters for when the non-Singaporean is a man. Naturally, it's the gentleman who carries all the heavy load, right? We were at the Singapore check-point heading home and Jhon was the one with the heavy backpack with 2 big red plastic bags on each hand. I was only carrying my bag.

Since I just need to scan my passport, I am the one who always wait for him at the lobby but somehow it took him longer than usual to exit. It was until he had to call me in back to the bag checking area with a Immigration officer. The officer asked for a receipt and how much stuff we bought. The thing is, the only thing that had a receipt were the wedding cards. He then asked me to exit and asked Jhon to join him in the office and I heard mumbling something about GST.

I was more worried about Jhon because I didn't want him to panic but luckily, he said the officers explained nicely and politely. Technically, since he is a foreigner, he had to pay tax for the items. (We've been in and out of JB with shopping goods and this never happened before). Jhon informed them that it's all wedding stuff and he is with his Singaporean girlfriend. They later then asked if I carried anything which Jhon replied no. They actually wanted to see me again to double check if I was carrying anything.

Since I didn't, they just assumed I carried it but for future references, the officer said "I know you are being a gentleman but next time, you have to ask your girlfriend to carry so the items will be tax deductible"

Ohhh... burung....

Kecoh sekejap but it made the trip interesting. haha
Soon, we will be asking for addresses to mail out and visit my relatives to formally invite them to my wedding.



  1. Hiya, stumbled upon your post when googling Kad Kahwin Cun! I ordered my cards with them also, and its been more than 3 weeks since we gave them the instructions for the first draft.

    Can I check if you called the Larkin shop number directly? Thanks!

    1. Yes! I called the Larkin shop directly. =)