Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

See lah, I was so engrossed with my wedding stuff until I forgot my obligatory end of the year goodbye post.

2015 has been a fruitful year for me and this blog. Don't get me wrong, there were the usual breakdowns here and there but generally, I am surely blessed. Since the start of the year, Jhon and I had officially set our wedding day and through out the year was all about wedding planning. 

Yeah, basically, 2015 revolves around my relationship with Jhon. The planning, the appointments and whole chapter of just wedding planning and cultures. My blog has suddenly turned into a wedding blog with random outings here and there. Some may hate wedding planning but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure there were a couple of hurdles but faith made us confident that everything will be fine and it did.

Despite the busy year, I am grateful we still had time for random outings and the yearly short getaways Kak Yana generously planned. I also ventured my passion for vlogging. Just like how blogging started for me, it was never for the views. I just love doing it. It was almost an addiction, a passion I wished I had pursued when I was younger. 

Jhon and I celebrated our 8 years together and he had officially embraced Islam. Ever since we are more determined than ever to strengthen our knowledge.

I turned 31 and although most women would cringe at that number, I am actually proud of how I have progressed, internally. I still have kinks but I am matured enough to keep myself in check. It's too easy to judge people, too easy to have an 'opinion'. It takes a lot of practice to control that habit that practically every human being has.

Until April 2016, it will be the final leg of the wedding hoo-hah and the beginning of another chapter. Truthfully, I am excited, nervous and scared for 2016 which a first for a new year. I will be embarking something new with it's own set of roller-coasters.

Am I ready?
Do I have choice since I'm already buckled to the seat and climbing up the track?

Happy new year, everyone!


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