Our First Manicure & Pedicure

Okay, I lied. It's not a first mani-pedi for me but a second. My first was probably more than 15 years ago. haha Despite the duration, I can distinctively remember that the awesome feeling after a pedicure. My feet never felt so clean and smooth. I also remembered the shaving of the skin on my heels. YUCKS! Macam shaving wood.

I am never the one who would use nail polish or even bother caring much about my nails except for keeping them short. But I believe in clean and proper nails and I knew going to professional would help a lot. Especially I always anyhow trim my nails.

It took plenty of convincing Jhon to join me and finally managed to by saying people will see our hands during photo taking so we have to keep them neat and nice. As for feet, just clean it since we are already there lah.

Classic mani-pedi can be expensive that is why I went to Groupon. I got the 2 for $50 promo from BeautyExpress. They have 2 outlets and we went to their Parkway Parade outlet.

Sorry for bad quality photos because of low lighting.

Jhon looks like he is rethinking his decision.


Waiting for our nails to get done.

I got to choose the color of my nail polish. Initially, I didn't want to but I figured, 'buat aje lah'. I was fickle-minded about the colors D5 and 19. I was worried D5 would be too nude and 19 might turned out too pink for my taste. In the end, I followed Jhon's suggestion of choosing D5.

The process was ticklish but nice for the both of us. It was more awkward for Jhon when the lady was tending to his feet because he generally don't like his feet to be massaged. It took us about 1 1/2 hours for the ladies to buff our feet, trim & buff our nails, trim our cuticles and such. I got sleepy towards the end which I think was a good thing?

Oh yeah, I also appreciate the 80s music they played. They gave us nostalgia as songs from Roxxete, Richard Marx and even sound track from Grease.

The overall session was okay lah. There was no wood shaving like my first experience but they did their job well.

After our session, I was walking stiffly just like 15 years ago. The nails that now covered with nail polish felt weird and not to mention I was on a temporary freak out worrying I might ruin my paint job. Being a klutz that I am, it was not a surprise that I did ruined my nail polish on my right thumb in just a few minutes. I know, noob.

[picture source: catsanimals]

Besides that, we are happy with our mani-pedi sessions and I'm happy with the nail color. With that said, I am so going to get rid of the nail polish as soon as I am done with the photo shoot.
Sorry not sorry.


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