2nd Set of Wedding Shoes

When I posted about our wedding shoes, I assumed it would be our only set besides Jhon's 'capal'. It was until our bridal outfit choosing and fitting we realized that we needed another pair after all.

Half of our outfits that we had chosen had gold accents. It was mostly accidentally besides our 'sanding' outfit'. Gold accents meant I need gold shoes. I was just glad I wasn't too eager to get a second pair beforehand.

I got my gold shoes at DMK, Tampines. Yet again, another simple pair of 3" heels but this time it's glittery, not bling-bling which I didn't mind. I don't know what fashion gurus would say about my chosen wedding shoes lah but I don't care. People don't really stare and check out wedding shoes anyways. Plus, at least it's wearable for me during Hari Raya or something.

Jhon will be wearing 2 suits for his photo shoot that are not traditionally black so he was advised to get black shoes. (We initially got brown shoes to match his 'Barong'). He had already owned a pair of black leather shoes but it's worn off and not the trendy kind. Luckily, he works in the office so we didn't mind getting another pair of leather shoes for him. This time, it's synthetic leather which means it's cheaper. hehe He got this pair at BHG.

A few days later, we found and bought Jhon's capal at Geylang's Tajong Katong Complex. We found a pair at Joo Chiat Complex but the quality is a little errr...  In fact, the pair we found at Tajong Katong was a lucky experience. We almost gave up until we saw a boutique named "Irene Boutique" that tailors wedding outfits. They have small shelf full of 'capal' of all sorts of colors. She almost couldn't find Jhon's size 45 but HENG AH! 

Jhon's first 'capal' can also be worn on Hari Raya. He used to wear 'baju kurung' with his airplane sandals (really, the soles were made of airplane tyres) which I always adamantly told him it's not the same as a Malay 'capal'. But wait, how come he got 3 pairs of shoes while I get 2? 'Lawan towkay eh?'

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  1. hi babe. dont mind me asking. dmk at tamp is it at tamp mall or tamp 1?

    1. Hi Marissa, I got the gold heels at DMK, Century Square. =)