Wedding Rings + Mahar

I was contemplating on whether I should post this because wedding rings are rather personal and I rather have it shown naturally during the wedding rather than 'Look at our rings!'. But I wanted to share one of the anxieties I had upon buying my ring.

When I brought Mak and Jhon to Joo Chiat, Geylang to Ming Seng Jewelry to browse for a gold bracelet for my 'mahar', I really didn't have attentions to buy a wedding ring too.

We were only browsing and to check out the market rate for a potential bracelet until the lady in charge, Agnes showed us a leaf-designed bracelet. On top of that. the gold market rate at that time was at one of it's lowest at about SG$57/ 1g. But you see, anxiety prone me MUST do a proper survey of other jewelry to make me feel better in the decision making so we left the area to have lunch at One KM Mall.

Over lunch, Jhon could not keep his mind off the bracelet and kept talking about it. In the end, he managed to convince me. After all, the rate was pretty good, it would be a shame if I were to come back and the rate had gone up. So off we went to buy the bracelet.

THEN, as we were exiting to the right of the shop, I happened to glance and noticed diamond gold rings on display and 1 caught my eye. I just knew I have to have it. The ring is filled with diamonds, flat (I don't like the terjojol diamonds) and a classic almost vintage-heirloom design. I don't need to explain much because the rest was history. I was glad Mak was around because of her awesome Mak Cik bargaining skills, we managed to get pretty awesome prices.

It was only days after buying the ring, I felt anxious that our ring wouldn't match in terms of material. Generally, it's pretty normal to have wedding bands/ rings that don't match in terms of design and I have no issue in that. But to have of a different material/ color? I don't know why but it triggers my anxiety lah.



You may think, Jhon can just get a gold ring too and 'problem' is solved but for those who don't know, it's considered Haram for men to wear gold in Islam. (I know right? Pimpin tangan, tak haram, cincin emas, haram. haha But every Muslims should do the best they can, right?)

There is no specific reason why only Muslim men can't wear gold (or silk) but it was told by our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Scholars think it's because such adornment is meant for women and men wearing gold might eventually encourage arrogance.

In fact, wearing wedding rings are not mentioned in the Islamic practice. It's just that it's a universal symbol for everyone to distinctively point out a married person. Don't get me started on which ring finger we should put our rings. Again, universally, it's on the left but in Islam, 'tangan kanan: makan, kiri: cuci'. haha Since we tend to cleanse ourselves with our left hands, Jhon and I felt it's natural to wanting to put it on our right hand.

BACK to the main story, along with everyone else, Jhon said it's okay to have our rings to be of different materials. I just went along with it even though deep inside, I was like 'errr...'

Looking for Jhon's wedding band was a little tough too. Titanium and Platinum ring designs are rather limited and even when we found a design that we liked, the width looked too thin on Jhon's big hands (he's 1.82m). In the end, we bought at Meyson and had to order his ring size. His ring has a tiny diamond that even has a certificate (blood diamond, tsk tsk lol).

It was only 1 month after when we got his ring, I realized, aiyah,.. I was just over thinking it. Who cares if it does not match in terms of color. Again, without knowing it, it matches our wedding general color theme.

Our decor color is gold/ cream, our card is gold/ cream and for our wedding day, Jhon is going to exchange gold trays with my silver trays. It was only when I see the rings side by side when I realized, it's really okay.

I know right? Such a simple thing may be quite a big deal when your mind is full of wedding planning and it's details. 



  1. Hi!! Can I ask if the ring from meyson is okay? Will it tarnish? Considering to buy from them :)

    1. Jewelry will always tarnish in due time and depending what material you choose, it may scratch easily no matter where you buy. Other than that, I have no complains with Meyson's workmanship.