National Day Parade 2013

Yup, another overdue post. hur hur

National Day this year was also another 'Make mom happy' date after our outing at Adventure Cove the day before [Read here] Not that I am complaining because I love fireworks and picnics but just not on National Day itself. The crowd on the actual day is always brutal.

As per normal, we started the day in the afternoon to secure a spot. There were many interesting people to see but most of them are foreigners. I don't mind them but for some apparent reason, this year, 88% of them are Indians/Banglas/Sri Lankans. They didn't disturb us, just that we felt like we were at Little India. =P

The day was extra hot too but we were equipped with umbrellas and hand held fans. Look at this derp doggie.

I look weird here, probably because expanded from the heat and had been sweating buckets. bleargh..

After a few hours, it was worth the wait. 

As expected, going home was torture. This year, they closed the Helix bridge for the parade and that was the only convenient and fuss free way home. So we have to weave through the massive crowd to take the MRT. We were exhausted but it's the things we do for love.


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