Picnic, Iftar, Pre-NDP Airshow & Fireworks

Now try to say the title 5 times but faster. hehe

So one of the previous weekends, Jhon and I decided to bring the family for our annual picnic and fireworks viewing and since it fell on the month of Ramadhan, we also broke our fast together.

We try to catch pre-NDP shows as a couple ever since we got together and sometimes we would bring Mak along, this time, with my Bro's family, it was more fun than ever. Kids can just bring out the fun in everything. There are a good source of entertainment. hehe

Shibly and Syihab were obsessed with rocks, sticks and finding "diamonds and iron" just because of Minecraft.

I brought a couple of toys to ensure the kids won't get bored while waiting. First was the old school Styrofoam planes which of course didn't last long (it eventually broke) but it was fun while it lasted.

I later dished out skipping rope which was hilarious to see them figure out to play. No pictures but I got it on video. Vlog will be at the end of this post.

Bro and Shibly had a sprinting competition. Tak padan orang puasa.

Family portrait.

After a while, the airshow began starting with the helicopters with the Singapore flag.

I posted this because I love my hair here. lol Long, thick and the curls was on point.


Me and the boys.

After the airshow, we had ample time to sit down, prepare the food and broke our fast. Mak and I cooked one of my favorite picnic food which was Bee Hoon Putih with prawns, beef and vegetables. Paired with packet drinks, that was all we had but it was more than enough because we cooked a lot.

After 1+hr waiting time, the finale of our picnic began. Since it was just a Pre-NDP show, I didn't expect very spectacular show but it was rather nice and amazing.

I am so glad we did it with my family. Next year ajak again lah! hehe

Here's my 2nd attempt at vlogging. I am generally happy with it except for the poor quality of the fireworks. I need an upgrade.


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