National Day Rehearsal 2016

Yes, currently, I am a queen of delayed posts and this will continue for quite a while. I can write more than 2 posts a week in hopes of catching up but majority of the posts have their own vlogs. My vlogs are not that fantastic and don't garner views as my blog but there's something about video memories that are unique of their own.

Anyways, on the 30th July, I had asked everyone to join Jhon and I for our yearly fireworks picnic. The more, the merrier especially with the kids around. Unfortunately, it was still hari raya period and my siblings were still busy visiting their in-laws and friends' houses.

So it was just Mak, Jhon and I like the good old times.

This year, the National Day was held at the National Stadium. It was interesting to see a different point of view since for the longest time, the parade was at the floating platform at Marina Bay. [did you read about how the stadium turned out to be privately own (not government) and the rental rates were atrocious so the community is considering to continue having the parade at the floating platform in the next years when it's supposed to be a temporary place in the first place while the stadium was being renovated?]

Armed with our usual gear, Lontong Goreng, chicken nuggets and drinks, we headed to Kallang by bus. It didn't take us much time to find a spot. We purposely chose a different spot (from the usual spot you see on the web: the stadium right in the middle with fireworks above). I told Jhon I preferred the stadium to be off to the side so it won't look messy.

While waiting for 8pm, we ate, chatted, enjoyed the view, looked at the doggies, joggers and children. The sunset was not that bad too.

Before we knew it, it was dark and the moment we've been looking for began.

Here's my 2016 picnic with fireworks vlog. It has plenty of time lapses minus my screams of joy (as usual).


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