Movies Under the Stars & Banyan Tree

It’s that time of the year again. The Singapore National Museum organised an event when you can watch old movies under the stars under the Banyan tree.

This time around, it is to commemorate Children's Season 2012: Island Adventures

On Friday 25th, American Tail.

Ohh.. I remember this movie. I used to watch it countless of times and memorize the songs. I even sang ‘Somewhere out there’ with emotion!

[pics taken that night was from HP. Must declare because of crappy photos lol]

Fizah, Jhon and I enjoyed the movie over food from Burger King that we bought. ‘American Tail’ was as lovely as I last remembered and I forgot how cute the characters are! Why they don’t make cartoon characters that cute anymore?

On Saturday, 26th, The Land Before Time

Unfortunately, Fizah could not make it although I pressed many times she should come because I had a surprise for her!

Mango Graham Cake aka Mango no-bake cake that she has wanted to try for the longest time.

But family comes first when her family keep insisting she follow her to Johor. Oh well…

It was a rainy day and Jhon and I almost didn’t go. Luckily, the rain stopped and off we went to the Museum

The crowd was bigger than Friday with many Ang Mohs. The kids were ridiculously cute and polite! They played catch and climbed the rocks It was a good pre-entertainment for us.

Jhon and I watched the movie while eating the cake straight out from the aluminium tray and finished it just before the movie ended. I won’t deny my stomach was bloated. I had never ate so much cake before! URGH!

We roamed around for while, taking random pictures and headed home.

Thank you Singapore National Museum! I can’t wait for your next Movie under the Banyan Tree again! wee!

Check out our first experience here.

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