Pizza, Chicken Wrap, Errand Travel and stuffs

Hello! This is just a random post for fun. What have you guys been doing lately?
I have been busy in a good way with blogging, wedding planning and doing fun stuff in between to balance it all.

Jhon has pampering me with all kinds of food lately. I told him he just bought a ticket of taking the blame of my weight gain. I really need to start exercising because my fitness is down the drain since I stopped since fasting month.

Jhon recently booked a flight to go back to Philippines for wedding errands purposes. The 2 main purposes are for him to get his proof of single status document and buy a barong tagalog. I wish I could follow especially to choose his barong tagalog but budget!

I just have to trust his fashion taste and keep sharing photos of barong tagalog styles I like and dislike to him.

Before I end, I just want to share our homemade chicken wrap. It was all Mak's idea but she bought some of the ingredients and expected us to conjure something delicious. Luckily. we had enough ingredients to make it yummy.

It was all tortilla wrap, lettuce, sliced jumbo chicken hotdogs, shredded grilled chicken, tomatoes with mayonnaise and chili sauce. I attempted a video style making the wrap but it was somewhat crappy. booo...

 Before it was wrapped.

I had to wrap it with a tissue like a baby so it won't unravel.
Sedap gila! *angkat bakul sendiri*

I recently bought some samples for fun from the Sample Store. It was just a face mask, Cure aqua gel and sunblock but because I checked out $5.99 they gave a box filled of other stuff. hehe I think got to do with their SG50 promotion.

What I ordered,

What I got.

What I am really looking forward to try is Argon oil from Essentials. I have been using coconut oil to moisturize my hair and always wanted to try Argon oil but there are too expensive. Let's see if it's really worth the money.


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