Alive Museum at Suntec City Part 2

Click here for part 1!

I didn't intend to split the post into 2 but there's just too many photos to share! Sayang to not share all.

Okay! Continue!

One of our favorite displays!

Freaky sh*t. lol


Of course, Jhon's was better.

This is me being stuck up b*tch because I can do splits.

See Jhon being racist. lol It's okay because he is part Chinese somewhere. =P

This is major fail! He was supposed to look very small but he is too tall to have that effect work! hahahaha

I look gemuk but nevermind lah.. Match with the boy. haha

I photoshop myself at the other eye. Because.

This reminds me one of Honey Boo Boo's episodes when her sisters made out with the Giraffe as a bet. What a crazy bunch!

Drama. lol Superman also tak kuasa. lolol

Freak out!

"I came in like a wrecking ball....." Oh.. salah eh? lol I had too much fun swinging around.

How to look like you are freaking out? Swing until you really going to fall.

This is one of the most beautiful displays but it was at the end. Our face was shiny, my hair was messy and it didn't help that the lighting was not that awesome. Oh well!

So one of the displays, 1 person has to sit in front of a cubicle while the other goes in it. There will be a shadow of the person sitting down and we get to trace it. Jhon always wants to up the game and drew my face when you can't really see it. Bluek!

Anyways, we had plenty of fun, jumping around, posing here and there. The only down side as mentioned in the first post was the lighting. It was not flattering when someone is standing there and the reflection of the spotlight on the displays can be a sore eye.


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